Maintenance Tips For The Kitchen

In the eyes of the society, the kitchen is supposed to be a woman’s territory. This has been the norm since time immemorial. Needless to say, they do a commendable job while they are at it. However, not every woman takes her roles in the kitchen very seriously. This is not because she is a modern day career woman, it’s simply because she is not conversant with the duties tasked to her in the kitchen.

Most of these issues have a lot to do with the woman’s upbringing. Maybe she never had the privilege of staying close to her mother and aunties as they went about their feminine duties. This is no cause for alarm because it’s never too late to start over and learn a few kitchen tricks. This article is not only limited to the ladies only but members of the opposite danger are welcome to read on as well.

Kitchen maintenance tips

This is an open platform for both the men and ladies to learn a thing or two about the kitchen. Here are some resourceful kitchen maintenance tips for all modern homes;


Always ensure that your sink is empty with no dirty dishes lying around. This is the number one basic rule for anyone in the kitchen making breakfast, lunch, supper or a simple snack. Wash every dirty dish you use as soon as you are done with it.

Mop the kitchen counter top, walls and floor with warm water and detergent. During your cooking sessions, the kitchen is bound to get messy, and the spillages shouldn’t stay on longer. Mop these areas as soon as you are done with the dishes.

Never begin cooking when the sink is full of dirty dishes

Clean them up first and then move on to other areas. By the time you are through with the kitchen, you’ll be thankful you did this.

Make sure your cleaning rags are cotton

No material does a better cleaning job than cotton, especially when drying an area that you’ve already cleaned up.

Upgrade your kitchen

Since the kitchen is viewed as the general rendezvous for the entire family, it needs to be upgraded every once in a while. Here are some ways to do it;

Buy new stuff

Try buying a new dinner set, cutlery and other dishes used in cooking and serving meals. Using the same dishes every day will only subject them to wearing out. Besides, it’s good to treat your family once in a while.

Get new table mats that you can change ever so often

When the current set gets messed up, you can change with other sets that are on standby.

Check on the lighting in your kitchen

You can call up the electrician and have them give an opinion on the same. You will grow to love the results.

Do something different with your cabinet doors

This means that you are free to try out the glass slide doors and see how it goes. If you love it, you might want to consider making it permanent.