Scenarios that are best suited for double hung windows

Scenarios that are best suited for double hung windows

Two main attributes remain undeniable of the double hung windows, their security and ease in airflow. Today they are very popular and can be seen in a lot of real estate properties. They can assume a traditional and modern style that ranges in size and availability. This makes them suitable for several purposes, here are three reasons that make them stand out.

Safety of kids

The double hung windows are suitable for homes with small children. They offer both safety and flexibility. The windows allow the user to lock their window as long as they are within range. For instance, you can maximize air flow by opening the top and bottom of your window. If you have young kids, you can lock the lower window and open the top one instead. This prevents them from climbing or sneaking out. Such windows are ideal for large areas such as bathrooms where safety and the inside ventilation are a priority.

Looks great above furniture

2Low sitting furniture rhyme incredibly with low sitting furniture. This is the best way to adjust airflow and temperature. A double hang window above a bathroom bath provides perfect ventilation, which releases the steam. Of course, this only suits those who are not enthusiastic about saunas. When the windows are just above your sofa, you will be able to feel the ventilation-effect directly. In addition, the windows are just within reach. These windows are also great for your kitchen, particularly when placed above the kitchen counters.

Free-flow of air

Windows that are double hung can be tailor-fit. For instance, homes with an open living room can have two or multiple double hang windows in various sections of their walls. Once you do this, it allows for a huge increase in the flow of natural light. This means that various sections of your wall open up to beautiful cross breeze summer months.

Saves on space

If your room windows overlook an outdoor garden or entertainment are double hung windows work best. In a way, they are quite similar to sliding windows which do not occupy a lot of space at the other openings. This means we all remain with a clean look that resembles the surrounding spaces.

Replacement for the wooden sash windows

Homes with wooden sash windows that are affected by warping can be replaced by double hung windows. They possess quite a similar opening style. Being made of aluminum, they are unable to rust, warp or lose their shape. In addition, they have the added advantage of being fire-rated. Some double windows come in a modern aesthetic design that can add value to older properties by giving them a great look.

Suitable for tall or narrow spaces

Double hung windows are ideal for pre-existing areas that need rejuvenation. They also suit areas where such window styles are not best suited. They slide vertically, so they do not have to worry much about space. You can combine the double hung windows with other window designs. For example, sliding or louver windows. This gives the place a unique look.



A simple online search can display several window options and professional services that can have them installed. However, to get the best double hung window, take your time and ask around.